I’ts nice to wake up and find out you fed millions..

Fish eggs you say? CODS WALLOP!

Fish eggs you say? CODS WALLOP!

If you’ve read my New Year Resolution’s post, you’ll know that I resoluted to: Cook more delicious goodness. If you haven’t read it.. I guess I just told you.

On my quest to get healthier and somewhat fitter, I began following a few fitness and healthy living blogs on tumblr. (I love all the pretty pictures)

If you’ve read some of my very first posts, you would know that I recently discovered (through my own trial and error) that I am Gluten Intolerant/Sensitive…If you haven’t read them…don’t worry…I just told you.

I “tumbled” across a delicious looking quinoa casserole/bake. I tried to replicate it, but me, my lack of patience for following recipe’s and not having all of the ingredients, didn’t quite get it to look the same.. and don’t know if it tasted the same, but boy, did it taste amazing!

FOODGASM” is the word I would use.

R and I had a few bottles glasses of wine and ate some more, then some more when it was cold! It was…how do you say?…


I was so excited to eat it for breakfast I wanted to get to bed as soon as possible! In our slightly  drunken stupor, we left the remaining casserole/bake on the bench. Yeah I know..

We awoke to a trail of delicious quinoa casserole being carried along the bench by hundreds of ants. (ants are seriously amazing to watch..) Millions of those cutie pies loved my casserole as much as I did, which is wonderful, but that meant no breakfast casserole for Eliza.

Yes, it IS sad that I didn’t get yummy casserole for breakfast… But it is kinda nice knowing that I got to share the goodness with millions.. right?

I’m just going to keep telling myself that…

For the actual recipe I was meant to follow click here.

I added mushroom and broccoli.. I guess you can tweak it however you want.

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