The Hidden Gems of the Internet

social networkingI had a bit of a nothing day today. You know those days? The ones where you do nothing but listen to music, watch tv and any other thing you can think of before doing all your housework and/or homework?

And you know what’s worse? Everywhere you go, you are constantly reminded of the, in my case, housework you’re leaving behind.

You go to get a glass of water…



Or you go to cook some food….



You retreat to the bathroom to regain composure and ….


It’s always there, niggling in the back of your mind. That was until…well books.. and radio.. and television and art and stuff but in this case… until… the INTERNET was BORN!

They’re rare finds.. the hidden gems of the internet. It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes when you’re endlessly browsing tumblr or youtube, you stumble upon them and all your guilt for procrastinating and putting off the housework/homework dissolves into this amazing satisfied feeling and you tell yourself: “You’ve done good today.. You’ve done good.”

Just me?… mkay..

Anyway, as I was scrolling through tumblr today, looking at all the pretty pictures and the occasional interesting political/scientific article, I came across my good friend, Bob Ross (a previously found gem).  “you’ve done good today…you’ve done good”

People, if you do NOT know who Bob Ross is, my goodness have you been living under a rock? let me reveal this beautiful treasure to you.

I first found him in the painting tag. I watched a remix video of a man singing a silly song. At first, I thought it was a parody or something, but it was catchy.. so I kept watching. I thought to myself “Gee how often do you find someone like that? So positive and stuff.”  I was definitely intrigued and needed to find out where it all stemmed from..

I watched one of his full episodes “The Joy of Painting” and was surprised to find that he was, indeed, the person depicted in the remix video, and he was amazing.

Every time I watch one of his videos, or the remix, I instantly get happy. Watching him use his passion and turn techniques/attitudes into real life advice, all while witnessing paint, effortlessly forming beautiful scenes on canvas… *sigh* …Seriously, it just… blows my mind.

I give you, Bob Ross – a hidden gem of the internet, in all his true form.

I’ve only got one thing to say. You’ve done good today…You’ve done good.

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