An Insight To The Mind

My first day of 2014Stepping onto the mat was the best way to start 2014. Not only for the stretches but the positive outlook that comes afterwards… buckle up my friends…

I have decided to turn my writing style into.. everyday conversational. Feels more real.. Like friends.. and we ARE friends. Right?

I took 5 minutes before I started my day to stretch my muscles into existence, instead of jolting them with coffee. The act of rolling out your mat, and taking those first steps onto it, creates an instant sense of calm and peace. It doesn’t take very long to get into my comfort zone.

The actual stretching or pose side of it needs a little work. Lets just say my sacred place quickly turned into a realisation of just how inflexible I had become. Ouch. I only did the most basic stretches/poses I know. It still felt so good.

After rolling up my mat, I just had to stand there in a super happy place, taking in the sensation of my newly stretched muscles. I took in a deep breath… exhaled, and I was ready to tackle the day.

5 minutes is all it took to turn my normally grumpy morning antics –  dragging my feet, all slouched over until I’ve had coffee – into a fairly productive and satisfying start to 2014. All from some simple stretches.

I know I’m still in the ‘Honeymoon’ stage of the new year.. but I can’t help but be disgustingly positive about my existence today. The crazy powers of the new year eh?

WRONG. By saying that it was a ‘honeymoon stage’ not only implied that there would be an end but that my positive attitude is not in my control. Is not my doing. Boy am I wrong.. I’m so glad I caught myself there.

My positive attitude is produced from my thoughts, which I have (or should have) complete control over. TherefORE.. I HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER MY HAPPINESS!

And there, Ladies and Gentlemen, You have just witnessed, the roller coast of positivity that is my thought pattern.. For today at least. Disgustingly Positive and always ends up ending in VICTORY.. my VICTORY (see? disgustingly positive), expressed in the form of CAPS LOCK..

Did you just read the above lines with your ‘caps lock’ tone? Yeah, me too…

I Hope you’ve all had a lovely beginning to your year.. and smiled.. at least once. I mean, it is a public holiday… THAT is something to smile about. (gotchya with the caps AND disgusting positivity)(And AGAIN) . Nope.. that’s enough..

Keep it real,


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