2013 – Let’s take a look back

2012 a year in rear view

When I look back on 2013 it all seems a blur.

I was going to make this post a recount of the year 2013. I started writing  and realised that it would be way too long and no-one would read it. Instead I’m going to list the key points of my 2013. (I scrolled through the photos on my camera to jog my memory)

  • R began his 2weeks on, 1week off FIFO roster in the Northern Territory. I stayed in NSW.
  • My best bud left our work and then the country to travel the world! (We miss you)
  • I went to NT on R’s off week to explore! We bought our swag, went to our first Australian Outback Rodeo and saw massive jumping crocodiles.
  • I applied for my dream position within the company I worked for.
  • I got the dream job!! (GO ME!!)
  • R quit NT job
  • R found a job in Western Australia
  • I resigned from dream job
  • We went camping a lot
  • We renovated a house (all my time watching The Block payed off)
  • My Pop passed :(
  • My little sister was in a near fatal car accident
  • We packed up a 3 bedroom house
  • We moved to WA
  • My anxiety and panic disorder showed its ugly face
  • I began painting/drawing
  • I started a blog
  • I took up Hooping
  • I discovered I am somewhat gluten intolerant
  • I had my first full Skype Christmas

2013 was a big year of change for myself and R. From changing jobs, renovating a house,  moving across country to self evaluating ourselves as people and what we feel really matters in life.

2013 has probably been, by far, the biggest year of my life. I have let go of a lot of baggage. Both physically and emotionally.  My wardrobe is easily 1/4 of the size it used to be and it still feels like too much.

I grew as a human being. I evaluated my opinions and challenged my beliefs and through this, learned I hadn’t ever developed my own beliefs or opinions.

I listened. I gained knowledge. I developed. I explored. I lived.

Here’s to 2014, hopefully not as hectic as 2013 but just as, if not more EXCITING!

Keep it real,



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