Beach Day, take 2.


We made it! And boy was it beautiful.

I’ve been a bit AWOL this past week. I don’t really have an excuse. So yeah. But I am back in action! Sorry!!

After ‘ruining’ our first trip to the secret beach location, we set out a week later and we made it! See my previous attempt at getting to this beach here.

Seriously, it was beautiful, I can’t wait to see it when there is no wind and to go snorkeling.

We had the place completely to ourselves. That seems to be pretty common around here. I think because WA COAST DEC13you have to be a bit adventurous, drive through the dunes and down crazy, bumpy, dirt roads, that most people stick to the common areas where there are camping grounds and signs and things.

We set up for the day by making some shade for ourselves and the pooches. There are dog baits all around here so we have to keep the dogs tied up. So down to the water for a little play and then back to the shade to be tied up.

R and I floated about the shallows for ages just relaxing in the warm waWA COAST DEC13ter. Literally just chillaxing.

It was time for a wander so we walked around some cliffs, only to be terrified by crabs (me mostly) and to spot a shipwreck! The little kid inside me was so excited! “We’re going to be real life shipwreck finders and find treasure and mermaids and swords..”

I was determined to go and get a closer look, but it was a little.. well a lot.. out of our walking range.

My dreams of becoming a treasure hunter were over..until next time we go there and we’ll drive closer. A feSHELLS DEC13w days later we found out that when the tide is low enough you can go and climb on it. And that it is, in fact, a fishing trawler that got too close to the reef on night and got stuck.

On our way back, because we weren’t mesmerized by the giant shipwreck, we actually looked down and found shells. And lots of them.

I was absolutely fascinated by the colours. I’d only ever seen theseSHELLS DEC13 colours in jewelry stores and even then I assumed they were dyed. And in the shops, they probably were dyed, but not these ones. Golly Gee they were beautiful.

The treasure hunter spirit kicked in and for the next few hours we wandered up and down the beach collecting some of the best shells I’ve ever collected.

SHELLS DEC13It seems R has quite the treasure hunter spirit in him too. He was in front of me scouting out all the complete shells leaving me with the chipped and broken ones. Something I didn’t realise until after we had finished and he was showing me his loot. All perfectly complete shells.


I’m so glad we got there. It was our own private beach with shells and shipwrecks. Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Keep it real,




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