How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

From my extensive research (World War Z, Zombieland, Shawn Of The Dead, I Am Legend, The Walking Dead etc) I have put together a few key points (in no particular order) to help you survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

1. Keep Away From Populated Areas

This one is easy and pretty straight forward. Although it may seem like a good idea to head into town for food or pharmaceuticals, it isn’t. You should keep away from capital cities and densely populated areas. Or at least wait a while ’til everything’s settled down. A year or two should suffice.

2. Food & Water

Again straight forward. If you’ve had fair warning of the Zombie invasion load up on all the carbs you can get your little hands on. They provide energy and usually a little goes along way. But anything that lasts a long time is good. If you haven’t had fair warning, choose where you’re going to get your food & water from wisely. I’d stick with fuel stations and houses.

3. Weapons and Armor

Now depending on what type of Zombie infection it is this may vary but generally, if you can get a gun (tape knife to end for bayonet) and ammo, that’s the best. But anything with a long stick would be good too. A broom stick with a knife secured on the end etc. Be creative. For armor, magazines taped to your extremities is an excellent idea. The layers should prevent zombie teeth breaking through. But again, anything tough that doesn’t hinder your movement should do just fine.

4. Be Quiet

Silence is key. Making noise will be sure to send the zombies running right for you. Sorry guys but that means no singing “I’m A Survivor” by Destiny’s Child at the top of your lungs.

5. Keep Moving

If you have a big secure prison to hide in then go nuts, and set up camp. But generally, keep moving. Settling down will only create complacency. BUT for those who can’t handle living life on the run and prefer to be in control of their surroundings, choose a location that has 2 exit points. Always have a plan B. If you can, build it up so that if the Zombies get in, they are funneled into one, narrow opening. It’s easier to take on a pack of Zombies, one at a time. Caged walkways are also a good idea.

6. Travel light

If you can help it, travel as lightly as possible. Only pack the necessities. Food, weaponry, rope, water, first aid etc. This will be particularly difficult for us ladies.. You should see my handbag.

7. Keep away from people

People do crazy things when times get tough, better to assume no-one is your friend until proven otherwise. Putting themselves in danger/dying, for you, is usually a good sign they’re a friend.

8. Fitness

Keep fit and agile. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to join the gym or get fit, Zombie’s are as good a reason as any (I use the run zombies app. It’s a  good training tool).  You never know when you may need to run with the speed of a thousand gazelles or weave in and out of obstacles. If you’re a master of Parkour or you’re a Ninja you’ll be fine.

9. Kill Shot

Aim for the head. It’s the only way. But I recently heard “Spine’s divine, those knees work just fine” Take out the Zombie’s knees, they become ‘crawlers’ and are less dangerous and therefor easier to finish off. Which brings me to my final point.

10. Know Your Enemy

Zombies have a heightened sense of smell, sight and hearing.

They aren’t very smart. Unless they’re the “I Am Legend” kind.

There are different kinds of zombies:

Runners: Running Zombies

Crawlers: Crawling zombies – can be very alarming if you forget to look down.

Sleepers: Zombies that seem dead but wake up when stimulated from noise or light.

If possible find out what type of Zombie infection it is. Is it air born or do you only turn when you’ve been bitten? This information will determine your execution method for those who have recently  been killed or bitten.

The more you know, the higher chance of survival!

So get to training! I use the Run Zombie app for my workouts, Call of duty – Nazi Zombies for my target practice and I should probably take up parkour or ninja training.

If you have any more Tips for surviving the Zombie’s I’d love to hear them.

Keep it real,


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7 thoughts on “How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Hmmm…something in that for all of us…I’m keen to hear your take on Zombie Apocalypses after watching Warm Bodies (if you haven’t already).


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  3. Oh! Forgot to mention there is an ‘R’ reference in Warm Bodies too ;-)


  4. Your armor advice made me think of using bark LOL. Probably not the best defense since sooner or later it will become brittle. But hey.

    I love your classification of zombies! As soon as I saw it I had to write it down in my notebook. Thanks!


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