You got me… Again


We decided to make the most of this glorious day and set off to the beach, down that road.. up there..

To get to the really nice beaches here we have to drive about an hour through the ‘desert’ to the coast and then up the coast to the beach of your choice. There is almost nothing else around so you have to pack accordingly.

Tarp (for shade), towels, food, water for us, water for the dogs, bowl for the dogs, rope (just in case), first aid kit, car jack, spare tyre, 12v air compressor, snorkeling gear, body board, fins, music, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats…you get the point.

Music blaring, wind in my hair, we were off. It was my partner’s (lets call him R from now on) last day of break before heading back to work and it was finally good weather ( the last 5 days have been very windy and overcast) to head to the beach he has been wanting to check out.

Along the way we saw this:

WAcoast 2013

This:WAcoast DEC2013

These Cuties:

Carbo DEC2013Nahli DEC2013

And a whole lot of this:

WAcoast DEC2013 WAcoast DEC2013

WAcoast DEC2013

After around an hour we finally reached the road to our desired destination. As we’re driving down it I feel a stinging on the back of my neck and quickly swat it away. OUCH.

R had a look and said it was a wasp, it had gotten stuck in my hair and stung me twice.

We were literally only a sand dune away from the beach when I said we have to go back.I have never had a wasp sting before and my mind was going crazy.

Am I allergic? It’s burning. Is it swelling? My throat feels funny. Is my wind pipe closing? If it does we’re at least an hour away from help with no phone reception. My face feels funny. Is my face swelling?

By this point, we were on our way home. I was convinced I was having an allergic reaction. I slowly came round to the idea that it was just a panic attack, but my mind always chimed in “but you cant be sure! better go to the hospital to be safe”. I was silent the whole way home.

We got back into town and I had calmed down almost completely. We went home and had R have a look at my stings. There was only two little red dots. No swelling. They didn’t even hurt anymore.

I burst into tears and sulked in bed. Not only did I put an end to a perfectly good day but I let the anxiety/panic get to me. I was embarrassed and I felt like a crazy person. Like my mind was broken. I sulked a little more and it wasn’t long ’til R had me laughing again.

After all that, I am still exhausted from all of the adrenalin. R and I came to the conclusion that my panic could have actually prevented my bites from becoming itchy and obnoxious, so that’s a plus.

And I’m not allergic to wasp stings.. so that’s good.

And I got some pretty awesome photos.

You got me Mister Anxiety. You got me good. But it’s becoming less and less. So joke’s on you.

Keep it real,


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