You’ve got to be Kidding me..


A few weeks back, my partner and I decided to explore some of the coast. Little did we know, what we would be getting ourselves into, or the tough decisions we would have to make.

Driving along the desert road, I was busting out my best car dance moves, when my partner started slowing down and ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’ at what he thought was a puppy. I turned to look and saw this little ‘puppy’ running after the car. We had to stop.

So, we did. Low and behold this cute little kid (baby goat) came running up the road and nuzzled into my legs. What is a kid doing on the side of the road to the beach? Most of the roads to the coast here(North Western Australia), go through stations. These stations have goats, sheep, cows, horses and even emu’s running ‘wild’ on their land. Goats seem to be the most popular, although I suspect we have spotted some Goat/Sheep hybrids.

Anyway, here we are with this cute little kid, on the side of the road, in the middle of the desert. I bend down to give him some water and notice he still has some of his umbilical cord attached! The poor little thing. He wont drink, and soon runs under our ute. Constantly calling out, i can only assume, for his Mumma.

My partner and I are pacing back and forward trying to decide what to do with this cutie pie. I climb the nearest dune and try to spot his Mumma but she’s long gone. We contemplate taking him home, then realise we can’t because we would be stealing from the station. We finally decide the best we can do for him is take him to the nearest heard of goats we can find, and maybe they will adopt him. (hardest decision ever)

Now we have to get him out from under the ute. No amount of coaxing was working so I tell my partner he is going to have to get in and drive down the road so I can pick the kid up.

As he’s driving away, the kid runs full pelt after the ute. My heart broke. The poor little guy was literally running for his life. I eventually caught up with him ( he could run pretty fast) and scooped him up and wrapped him in a towel. He instantly stopped calling out.


We drove along the road and found a heard of goats with some other little young ones. They were hanging around a windmill with a water well close by. We pulled over and I carried my new little friend towards the other goats. They ran off behind some bushes but I knew they’d be back because of the water. I put the little guy down in some shade and close to the water.

He wasn’t there when we went back, later that afternoon. Neither were the other goats. I hope he’s OK. I wish there was something more I could have done for him. But I think I did all I could at the time.

Keep it real,



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