Are You in a Committed Relationship?


Do you stick to the same brand of coffee? Do you have a particular method of preparing coffee that you just wont stray from? Do you only drink a certain brew? A certain style?

Well I don’t. I label myself a coffee drinker, but to some people that is blasphemous. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I have never been committed for any longer than a few months and I am constantly changing my style or type of coffee. None the less, I still drink it.

We were that couple who only drank coffee from a cafe. We ended up developing a relationship with the local cafe’s where they even knew our names. Soon, it came time to re-assess our budget and unfortunately take away coffee’s didn’t make the cut. What were we going to do?

First we were given an espresso machine. My partner took on the self proclaimed title “professional milk stretcher”. We’d even grind the beans. Cappuccino’s galore! That was short lived and soon turned into another thing to put into the “too hard” basket.

My brother in law #2,  has a committed relationship with coffee. He  wont even think about starting the day without a coffee (or 3). Not just any coffee though, it has to be a ‘Real’ coffee. He would get it from his favourite cafe which was a little out of the way. It was great, especially when the family got together and had a few too many drinks the night before.

He so kindly introduced us to the…  Percolator! It was brilliant. Fill it up, press a button and BAM! you got coffee. And pretty good coffee at that. We even hooked ours up to a timer. Set it up before bed, and you wake up to the smell of coffee without even lifting a finger. Luxury, right?

My partner ended up getting a job in the mines and was away from home a lot. Turns out I only drank luxurious coffee because he did. So, the percolator was packed away and I reverted to every ‘real’ coffee drinkers nightmare. Robert Timms coffee bags! They were my life for a good 6 months. Slightly better than instant and oh, so convenient.

Now having moved and starting fresh, we have upgraded to the good, old fashioned plunger (mainly because I can’t find Robert Timms here). I actually quite enjoy it. I wake up, boil the kettle and plunge away. I find it aids my waking up process. Giving me the time to get out of that dazed state which makes me enjoy my coffee that little bit more.

Currently, plunged coffee is the way for me. I even have a brand I favour – illy espresso. Lets see how long this one lasts.

What style of coffee drinker are you? Favourite brand? Are you committed? Or chopping and changing like me?

I’d love to find out. Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Keep it real,





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6 thoughts on “Are You in a Committed Relationship?

  1. I think I’m just in a committed relationship with food, period.


  2. ELW Essence on said:

    When I’m out (I live in Manchester UK) I only do Starbucks. When I’m in Italy (I work there), I cannot go one day without their macchiato (Nespresso). When I’m at home I only drink herbal tea but as I have a Delonghi I sometimes make myself an illy espresso x


  3. Bulletproof Coffee, brew up some “upgraded” beans then add grass fed butter and MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) oil then blend so the fat and oils make a emulsion…. latte type finish. keeps you going for hours.
    I haven’t tried it yet but am going to order the beans and MCT oil and give it a go.
    Information provided by brother in law #1, G.


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